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Coral Calcium Supreme Plus Supplement

Why Coral Calcium Works - Coral Minerals, Ionic Minerals and Trace Minerals

coral calcium supremeTo answer the question "Why may coral calcium mineral help me?", we first have to consider the role that minerals and trace minerals play in our overall health. There are about 21 minerals that are considered vital to our existence, these essential minerals would include calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorous. There are over 50 other minerals that are considered trace minerals, these include iodine, copper, zinc and selenium. Some of these trace minerals are now starting to be considered essential minerals. Minerals are essential parts of all cells. Essential minerals and trace minerals form the major parts of the hard tissues of the body, and are necessary to muscle contraction and nervous conduction. Trace minerals are integral parts of the organism and cellular respiration systems and are essential to enzyme function, maintenance of water and acid base balance in the body. Ionic minerals must be replaced daily as they are being used up and eliminated from the body constantly. Daily ionic, essential and trace minerals are vital to us all. Magnesium has a known role in over 400 of your body processes, Zinc - over 200. Calcium controls so many bodily functions a number cannot be given as the number rises continually. So a deficiency in just these few essential and trace minerals may contribute to any of 600 health problems.

The conditions of modern life, plus the steady decline in the nutritional value of most of our foods, suggest that you may well be missing the proper balance of minerals and vitamins necessary for your physical and psychological well-being. In the early 1900's, an-apple-a-day supplied half the daily requirement for iron. But bebenefits the mineral content of apples is now much less you would need to eat 26 of the apples grown in our current soils to obtain the same amount of iron as that apple way back then. For you to absorb minerals efficiently they have to be combined so as not to work against each other. They also have to be in an optimum form - most authorities agree that naturally-occurring minerals taken in their ionic mineral form are the most readily assimilated.

With the importance of trace and essential minerals in our diet established, we look back to the original question, "why does coral calcium mineral work". Technically speaking, coral calcium should not be causing so many people to be experiencing so many phenomenal health Use and near miraculous improvements and recoveries from disease. Calcium is an essential mineral that is absolutely vital to the human body. It helps send electrical impulses to and from the brain, allows the muscles to move each and every time they do. And the heart will stop beating without calcium bebenefits it is a muscle too. But calcium is not a miracle drug, nor a drug at all. Yet, people email us all the time saying they have seen health improvements in many areas for which there
is no known connection with calcium deficiency. We have always known that calcium was even more important than the doctors and scientific community even imagined. But only recently, have we have seen evidence that there is another factor at play in producing these miraculous health Use that so many people are experiencing. Everyone has been focused on the calcium part of the coral calcium minerals, and calcium is a significant part of coral calcium, but there are also more than 70 other naturally occurring essential minerals and trace minerals in our Coral Calcium products that assist in many other different bodily functions similar to the way that calcium does. These 70+ essential minerals and trace minerals are very important. It is widely known that our agricultural lands are sorely depleted of minerals from so many years of use and abuse. It is a fact that foods grown from this soil are also lacking the essential minerals and trace minerals our bodies so desperately need. Yet, coral calcium and it's coral minerals is derived from tiny sea creatures who feed off minutiae mineral and microscopic forms of life that come from deep below the surface of the ocean where the earths crust is still full and rich with mineral nutrients, coral minerals, ionic minerals and trace minerals. Best of all, it does not take a lot of trace and essential minerals to make a difference. Even small quantities have been shown to make a difference in overall health.

The minerals that comprise the remainder of coral calcium may be the reason why there are so many unexplained health Use from coral calcium. These coral minerals, supplying both trace and essential minerals may be providing the missing ionic minerals, trace minerals, and essential mineral that are lacking in our modern lives.

Coral Calcium is rich in coral minerals and contains every mineral nutrient, in similar proportion, found in the human body. This is vitally important bebenefits so many trace minerals are missing from our foods and from many vitamin and mineral supplements, yet these mineral nutrients occur the human body for a reason. The human body functions synergistically as a whole. Every mineral nutrient has a crucial role to play in the human anatomy. For every mineral there are several other minerals that must be present in the proper amount and in turn, those mineral nutrients must have other minerals present, or the mineral rich chain of mineral nutrients will not do the job required by the human body. Mineral rich calcium coral mineral supplements contain over 70 mineral nutrients. Coral calcium is so much more than just calcium! And, these mineral rich nutrients are coming from a source that is virgin in terms of it's mineral nutrient, mineral rich makeup - that is, the earth's crust at the bottom of the ocean. Supplementing the diet with Calcium Coral mineral supplements may help keep all mineral levels up, and each and every mineral in balance. Calcium coral mineral supplement with it's mineral rich nutrient base exists in a natural balance.

When mineral nutrients are lacking, or out of balance, a mineral deficiency exists. Mineral deficiency means that some of the body's function requirements will not get met. The body is capable of prodigious amounts of adapting, and can operate for long periods of time with deficiencies in mineral nutrients. But eventually, the lack of a mineral rich diet will have effect and take it's toll. Premature aging and cell breakdown are potential reactions to a diet deficient in mineral nutrients. Without minerals, vitamin supplements may have little or no effect. Minerals are catalysts – triggers for thousands of essential enzyme reactions in the body. No mineral nutrient trigger – no reaction. Without enzyme reactions, caloric intake is meaningless, and the same for protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake. Minerals trigger the vitamins and enzymes to act. Even if our produce were mineral rich, only a very small percentage of the population eats sufficient fruits and vegetables so as to obtain those mineral nutrients. Worse, mass amounts of processed food, excess protein, and refined sugars require most of our mineral nutrient stores in order to be digested and eliminated. The elimination process involves enzymes, which break things down. Enzyme activity, remember, is completely dependent on minerals like zinc, copper, chromium, selenium, cobalt and many others. No mineral nutrients – no enzyme action.

How Did Coral Calcium Supplements Come About?

Marine ionic coral calcium may has only been discovered as a calcium supplements by the contemporary western world recently, but ionic calcium coral has been utilized by many cultures and civilizations throughout history. Most recently marine coral calcium was re-discovered in the late 1970’s when a British journalist went to Okinawa, Japan, to interview the world's oldest documented living person. The journalist probably had never heard of sango coral calcium, but was about to bring the Okinawa coral calcium into the light of the modern world! This 115 year old man was energetic, vibrant and in remarkably good health as was much of Okinawa's population. What was their secret? Astonishingly, they were living right atop an ionic coral calcium treasure chest. A team of researchers eventually arrived and made some amazing coral sand calcium discoveries. They discovered the island’s population was very healthy not because of their climate or diet, but the secret to longevity was in the water. The islanders' water was infused with ionic coral calcium and other marine coral calcium - bob barefoot coral calcium suppnt - coralcalcium supplement - marine coral calcium from okinawa, japan - robert barefoots coral calcium bob barefoot

Amazing Health Use of Coral Calcium

Amazing Health Use of Coral Calcium

To understand why some tissues in the body are deficient in oxygen and therefore prone to cancer, it is helpful to understand the nature of acidity and alkalinity. In chemistry, we know that water (H2O) decomposes into H+ and OH-. When a solution contains more H+ than OH- then it is said to be acid. When it contains more OH- than H+ then it is said to be alkaline. When oxygen enters an acid solution it can combine with H+ ions to form water. Thus oxygen helps to neutralize the acid. When this takes place inside our bodies, the acid Use up the neutralizing oxygen thus preventing it from reaching the tissues that need it. As a result, acidic tissues are devoid of free oxygen. An alkaline solution is just the reverse. Two hydroxyl ions (OH-) can combine to produce one water molecule and one oxygen atom. In other words, an alkaline solution can provide free oxygen to the tissues.


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